New Adventures for Jen!

Well hello!

Many of you taste seeking adventurers stopped over to  my 2012 one year project Martinis for Merits to keep up with the yumminess. There you learned that in addition to exploring the world through delicious experiments I also have been working with various charities and trying to help out those around me.

You may have also seen a glimpse of my nerdery.

It’s true, I’ve come out of the lab and confessed my nerd affiliation.  I’m a Star Trek watching – algebra joke making – zombie movie watching – trivia quoting nerd.

I encourage you to check out my 2013 one year project Year of the Nerd!  I promise I’ll make the science approachable and the trivia absolutely silly.  Already underway with several days to celebrate and fun activities for follow up check it out and see what you can do to help the nerd community.

And if you’re concerned, stay tuned for more food adventures in this venue and this nerd’s still gotta eat!

Until we eat again,



About Jen The Nerd

Nerd that likes food - What else do you need to know?
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