The End of a 14 Year Quest

You know what this means…

Tea, Strawberry Jam - it must be diner breakfast!

Those of you who have been following my tasty adventures for a while know of my search for good Corned Beef Hash.  If you’re new or want to refresh your memory of my last dissapointing search for good CBH click here. Well kids – I have found it – and it is good.

Rumor has it Eddy’s Deli has 2 kinds of CBH.  1 is from the can and 1 is home made…  You just have to ask. Oh man, Oh man, Oh man  I’m so excited I can’t sit still!

Eddy’s Deli

Jeff and I arrive Sunday morning around 11.  The place smells of fried things and bleach.  Trust me this is a good thing.    It’s happily busy but there’s a booth for us.  The service staff is made of what I can only assume is family members and people who have been there so long they have become family members. 

Our server stops by to see if we’re ready with a slightly tired look in her eyes. She doesn’t look mean, just worn and tired. I asked her if the home made CBH had peppers and onions.  She said no.  I asked if it could have peppers and onions and she said yes.  Her eyes turned kind and she perked up a little.  I mentioned that I was excited to try their special home made CBH because I heard such good things and she offered to throw the peppers and onions in the potatoes and eggs as well.  She wanted to take care of us. In an instant she became my grandma that thought I needed to eat.  She took the same care to note Jeff’s order and preferences. 

The more I sat there the more I got excited.  The more excited I got the more I told myself to calm down because it couldn’t live up to my expectations. 

It did!!!!!

The peppers and onions are jewels in the beef and potato mine

A mountian of tender corned beef and diced potatoes. Both have been left on the flat top just long enough to have toasty edges. The beef has been shredded enough to mix well but is still intact enough to keep it’s texture.  You can pick out and identify a piece of beef, a far cry from the pink goo found in most cans. The potatos on the side are cut into larger pieces but also have just the perfect amount of grilled crispy bits. Both the CBH and potatoes have an ample amount of sauteed green peppers and onions. 

Crispy goodness

A splash of Frank’s Red Hot and I was in heaven. A touch of heat, salty meat and potatoes and fresh peppers are a wonderful, comforting taste combination. Adding the peppers and onions gives some light crunch to the plate.  The beef has a good chew when left in large pieces and the potatoes walk between crispy edges and soft comforting centers.  The whole dish has a variety of textures that has you hunting for your favorite parts.  My only regret was that I ate in the last two days and could therefore not finish the bounty in front of me. Oh it was delightful.  I have no idea what Jeff ate.  Apparently it was good.  All I know is that I came close to tears twice and I left a 50% tip.

If you need me Sunday mornings I’ll be at Eddy’s.

Until we eat again,




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