For the love of Bacon!

So Jeff has been telling me about the “bacon place” for about 2 years now.  Extolling the virtues of the best. bacon. ever. The only problem is that they close at 3 pm. even on the weekends. Sooo yeah – I’ve had to endure stories of  this fantasy bacon land for 2 years.

Today victory and bacon was mine!

Fred’s Diner

Fred’s motto is “Eat, Pay, Get out”.  I love it. My biggest pet peeve at restaurants is waiting forever for your check or waiting for them to take your card.  This is not somewhere you go for the ambiance of a leisurely breakfast.

Claim a table as soon as you see it’s open or someone else will.  Servers are quick but not rude.  I asked about the corned beef hash and she quickly told me it was canned.  No problem I’ll pick something else.

Jeff and I both ordered breakfast special #2. 2 eggs, homefries, toast and choice of meat (bacon, sausage or ham).  I chose scrambled, white, crispy potatoes and bacon.  Jeff had his eggs over medium and rye toast.

Holy crap look at that bacon!

The potatoes were simple but crispy, in fact everything on the plate was in its most simple pure form.  Eggs were light and fluffy and bread was toasted nicely.  But the bacon, oh the bacon.  There was a huge portion of perfectly cooked, meaty, smokey bacon.  I hear other tables teaching newbies to go for the bacon.  There is a mountain of bacon in the back that they grab from for each order.  Jeff assures me that the “side” of bacon is not the two strips you find at most places but about a half pound – for under $3.  It’s quantity and quality.

Our bacon fest only came to $18 after tip.  Now that’s dangerous – good breakfast that’s cheap.  We might have a problem.

I hear the BLT is an inch and a half after you smash it down, just sayin’

Until we eat again,






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