A “Normal” Sunday

Matt works in a restaurant.  Specifically a large chain restaurant that is busy with late hours.  This is good for job security but bad for the social schedule.  Combine that with my two full time jobs and well, we don’t get to hang out much.  When we managed to get a Sunday off together without any other obligations we were thrilled! 

We decided that we would have a normal, married couple Sunday.  Plans revolved around Matt’s killer pancakes, shopping, lunch and other things most couples get to do every weekend. 

Step 1: Killer Pancakes Sleep in!  Oh we both needed sleep.  It was amazing.  I had forgotten how much I missed my sleep number!

Step 2: Lunch!

Charm Thai www.charmthaiohio.com

Ok, at first we were worried.  Charm shares a building and parking lot with a Dunkin Donuts. In Parma.  Near no other Asians. In a grocery store.

A "Charming" location

 Go to the website – the interior is much better.  We were greeted with the smell of ginger and spices in a clean but cozy dining room.  Sushi options, a whole vegetarian section and lots of Thai classics to choose from I selected the Fisherman’s Treasures while he went with Seafood Madness.  Yeah, they’re pretty much the same.  Sweet shrimp, super tender scallops and squid with a giant mussel served with rice.  Mine was in a spicy soy ginger sauce while Matt’s was in a yellow curry.

Check out my cute star of rice!

Matt was blown away by the depth of flavor in his curry. I ordered mine “not spicy” since I wasn’t in a spicy mood and my soy ginger sauce still had a lot of flavor. The ginger was not overwhelming but refreshing and there were lots of whole leaves of basil through my crunchy veggies.  Matt saved a piece of carrot till the end declaring it one of the sweetest carrots in his life. 

Step 3: Shopping

In a whirlwind of dressing rooms and registers we both procure some new work clothes and quality bonding time.  Oh and some tea from Teavanna www.teavanna.com.

Step 4: Dinner

The Rail  www.therailburger.com

After a stop home to relax for a bit and freshen up we decide to drop in on a friend who is bartending at a new restaurant.  We met Justin at the restaurant Matt works at 5 years ago.  We’ve been friends ever since meeting over food and drinks.  Now Justin is a bartender at The Rail.

They clearly have a sense of humor as their logo is a cow upside down as if it were on the butchering rail.  The menu at first appears simple: Burgers, sandwiches, salads and sweets.  At a second look you see that they’re not just kidding here – there’s a lot going on.  First you see that everything where possible is local. Local beef, local eggs, local brews and all is good. 

As we’re chatting with Justin he tells us about his favorite menu items, cool beers he’s tried while working on the menu and some of the specials.  They have a collection of what can only be described as adultified rootbeer floats.  Alcohol plus ice cream concoctions like the Diesel Fuel; Espresso, Patrone, Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Matt chose the Bon Fire Burger with jalapeno peppers, pepper-jack cheese and sriracha.  Sriracha is often called “Rooster Sauce” because of the iconic rooster on the bottle. It’s a classic Thai hot sauce.  The jalapenos were dusted in flour and fried like onion straws adding a little crunch.  The side of avocado added a perfect fresh, creamy topping. The creamy avocado played nicely with the Brew Kettle Red Eye PA from Strongsville Ohio.  I’ve turned him into an IPA monster!

I chose the Local Yokel.  Yep it’s a bacon, egg and cheese burger.  The egg and bacon were local just like the beef.  The swiss was perfectly melted.  I would order this again but ask for the egg to be a little less cooked since I like the yolk runny.  My Two Brothers Dm. DuPage from Warrensville, IL was the perfect honey floral to pair with my breakfast as burger.

Both burgers came out a perfect medium as requested on wonderfully light, toasty buns.  The bread has enough eggy taste to say “Yes I am a valid part of the sandwich!” but an airy texture that compliments instead of distracting from the beef.

We split an order of Truffle fries.  Yep burgers and truffle fries, because it’s not just for snobby steak places anymore.  The super skinny shoestrings were tossed in a healthy amount of truffle oil and shaved, aged parmesan. The parmesan added just the right amount of salt to the rich truffle oil. 

After chatting with the bar manager and watching the interactions with the other guests and servers it is clear that the owners are on a mission they have shared with all employees.  They are making fantastic food with a twist and sharing it with people who will appreciate the small touches.

With other options like the Crouching Burger (Hidden Bacon) and the Greenwich Pig, the fantastic beer selection and great staff this could fix my burger cravings without the drive. That and I may need a Nutella Crunch Milkshake.   Just sayin’.

Wow – normal Sunday with my husband, shopping and friends.  Don’t take these for granted.

Till we eat again,




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