Does Alice Cooper Like Tacos?

I have spent a ton of time and energy in the last 4 weeks on a huge project. I was close to burn-out and it was time to treat myself. Jeff, Matt and I were going to see Alice Cooper live!  I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while but was stuck on a conference call.  Jeff patiently waited for the call to end and declared it time for a margarita.  Since Matt was joining us later for the show, Jeff and I headed out for Mexican.

If I’m the one who knows where the good Chinese is, Jeff can find the good Mexican anywhere.  Originally from Arizona, Jeff’s standards are high.  If he approves of the salsa – this is the place to be.

Pancho and Lefty’s 3254 Kent Rd Stow, Ohio 44224

Apparently Tuesday nights kids eat free if you buy a normal entrée for yourself.  It was packed.  We were still sat pretty quickly and Jeff ordered margaritas.  I order mine on the rocks with lots of salt.  Jeff adds in that mine should be strong and the server offered to upgrade to “Gold”.  Yes please.

Jeff’s been here many times before and tells me about some of his favorites when the usual chips and salsa show up.  Chips are seasoned with a toasty chili powder and paprika mixture.  It’s not spicy but more interesting than a standard chip.  The salsa is flavorful but this is Jeff so he asks for a Habanero salsa.

Munching on chips we debate the merits of pork, shredded beef, black beans or other staples.  Jeff went with the nachos (on the app menu) and I went with the Tequila Lime Chicken.

I’m starting to let go of the day and get excited about Alice Cooper when the margarita shows up; not too much ice, toasty gold color and haloed in large grain salt. I can taste the bright citrus and quality tequila.  Dinner arrives with lots of potential.  It’s time to feed my Frankenstein. Jeff’s nachos are large enough for a meal – no question.  Covered in shredded beef, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico and beans Jeff noted that it was as if each nacho chip had been individually crafted with toppings.

My tequila lime chicken far exceeded my expectations.  There is a chain restaurant that serves a tequila lime chicken with ranchy sauce all over it.  This was not that soggy mess – this was amazing. Chicken breast marinated in lime and tequila lightly seasoned was grilled and served over fried tortilla strips.  There was a drizzle of a smokey tequila barbecue sauce and lots of melty cheese.  Sides of seasoned rice and a black beans and corn relish accompany my chicken.  The rice was light and comforting.  The beans and corn were served in a small crock.  I wouldn’t call it soup but it was saucy, sweet and spicy.

Large portions and large margaritas later we’re stuffed and excited to see one of the best stage shows around.  Matt is back and it’s time to go downtown.  The show was great!  He played School’s Out as if he was still Eighteen. 

Overall it was a great night with fantastic food and a great show.  Since I always remember events with the foods, I wonder if I can ever hear No More Mr. Nice Guy without thinking of salsa.

Until we eat again,





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2 Responses to Does Alice Cooper Like Tacos?

  1. Jeff says:

    Seeing how Alice Cooper was raised in AZ (as was I), I bet he loves tacos! He was my first concert as well. Interesting that I moved from there to here, and the two locations for his restaurant, Cooperstown; are Phoenix and Cleveland.

    I gotta say that Pancho and Lefty’s, and La Taqueria Rancheros, are both the most “authentic” Southwestern-style Mexican food I’ve had in the area, but pancho & Lefty’s win with the Gold Margarita’s!

    Good job!

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