Rules Schmules

This blog post was never supposed to happen.  It breaks just about every rule I set for myself when starting this blog. I decided that I would never blog about the same place twice.  I decided that I shouldn’t write about a place where I had a personal connection.  I also decided that I wouldn’t discuss in-depth any item not on the menu.  There are a couple of other rules in my definition of a socially responsible blog but damn if I didn’t just break those three. 

It’s Saturday night, I just finished working a long day at my second job. I wander across the street to The Cashmere Cricket. This is my new regular hang out and I hit the Cricket about twice a week.  See post “Have I found my Cheers” for the story about finding the Cricket.

The Cashmere Cricket is located on the riverfront in Cuyahoga Falls.  They do not have a website but you can find them on Facebook.

I’m going to meet Jeff and our friend Tiff.  As usual I am greeted by Nici, the bartender I realized was amazing on the first night I met her.  She has since then proven herself to be one of the finest professionals in any industry.  Always quick with a new beer on tap, martini concoction to try, supportive word for my small business or tasty new special dish, I listen to the dinner service specials for the evening.  Since that fateful night in May I have had my share of Turkey Reubens as well as other sandwiches, salads, pizzas and more from the menu.  They don’t always have specials but it is worth listening when Nici talks food.

There is a grilled chicken sandwich with Gruyère and ham which sounds good but then she said two of the most beautiful words in the english language – Veggie Pizza!  I was sold, I patiently waited for her to finish the description of cheeses and veggies before declaring my adoration for all things veggie related.  I enjoy a Pear Martini while I wait for my pizza.

The pear martini gets most of its volume and flavor from a pear vodka, a splash of soda and triple sec make it taste like a perfectly ripe pear.  A heavily sugared rim provides the slightly sandy texture.  Focus Jen – There’s pizza to be had!

It arrives, hot and bubbly and beautiful.  I always admire the beauty in produce.  The colors and shapes of veggies always make something look more appetizing to me.  The promise of carmalized natural sugars and textures in rosted veggies always get to me. Ignoring the small plate for individual slices I dove in directly and while I have been trying to get better about taking pictures of my adventures, I do apologize. I couldn’t wait. The picture was taken after I had eaten half the pie already. 

Sorry - I got excited, but look how melty!


The pizzas at the Cricket are just big enough that I can share a slice or two with someone but it’s not enough for two as a dinner alone.  Many of my hungrier readers could crush the pizza alone but they would be very full.  When the pizza arrived I offered slices to Jeff and Tiff but  they both decline.  Two bites and lots of yummy noises later Jeff timidly asks if the offer of a slice still stands.  Of course!  More yummy noises and affirmative nods.  The crust is buttery and chewy.  Carrots and broccoli are roasted wonderfully and still firm.  The cheese adds a salty, creamy, melty binder to the whole affair and fresh herbs bring a bright note to the finish.

Nici comes over to check on me.  I let her know that I was indeed very happy.

Ok, Ok but why break my self-imposed rules? If you haven’t figured all this out – Yes I have written about the Cricket, yes at this point it feels like home and I know all the bartenders, yes this is a non-menu special. 

I am breaking the rules because I need your help. There are lots of you out there reading but no one really comments here.  I appreciate your personal notes, Facebook call outs and “shares” but I need a different kind of support here.  I want this on the menu.  The general consensus is that there is a market for the pizza since it is vegetarian, tasty, different and did I mention tasty? You have 3 options:

  1. Post a comment here about your thoughts on veggie pizzas, I will share these with the Cricket.
  2. Go to the Cricket and ask for the pizza (specials are usually on for 2 or 3  days).
  3. Sit there, do nothing, crushing my dreams of roasted broccoli pizza and be a jerk. 

I’ll make you a deal dear readers, if you go eat the pizza, I won’t break any more rules.


Unless it’s really important.


Untill we eat again,



About Jen The Nerd

Nerd that likes food - What else do you need to know?
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2 Responses to Rules Schmules

  1. Dave Cunix says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Your low-carb readers will have to pass on any further involvement on this item.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve gotta get one before it goes off special. Ya know how I love their Pizza Salciccia, but this is a close second and a nice change.

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