Elvis Has Left the Building, Phoenix part 2

Thursday 4/7  Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa, Soleil Café, Which Wich.

This was premeditated.  There was no questioning. I knew what I wanted and nothing was going to stand in my way.  This was going to happen.

Flash back to Wednesday afternoon.  I’ve checked in to my hotel and am looking out the window.  I see that a block away there is a cluster of restaurants (see Nachos, Beer post).  For some unknown reason I pick up the menu for room service, (something I don’t like bothering with) and review the selection of breakfast options.  I saw it – Savory Blue Corn Pancakes; cotija cheese, roasted corn, cilantro, pico de gallo, apple infused crème fraiche. I know this is available in the restaurant downstairs, not just via room service.  This will be mine.  Thursday morning cannot come fast enough!

Thursday does eventually arrive.

I try to be coy, pretend to review my menu thoughtfully as the server pours my water.

Something to drink, miss?

Earl Grey, please.  And… I’m ready to order… if…

Sure, what can I get for you?

Blue Corn Pancakes, Please!

There was no hiding my excitement when the plate was set down, my eyes huge, hands shaking, this is why I eat!  A long white rectangle plate, three staggered 7 inch blue pancakes with a perfect brown crust, bits of yellow corn poking out of the cake topped with fresh pico and cilantro and one perfect dollop of crème on each one.   This still had plenty of opportunity to go horribly wrong. Would the cakes be heavy? The crème too sweet? And what of the cheese?

They weren’t, it wasn’t and in the cake itself!  They were fluffy and inviting.  The pancake was fully cooked so not gummy but moist with the whole corn kernels firm. Cotija cheese gave the cake a creamy texture but still let it be light.  The crème was apple scented and unexpected, cool refreshing and helping to lighten the pancakes even more. This was a welcome change from the usual dessert disguised as breakfast normally available. No potato or meat fillers needed here.

I could only manage two before being conquered.

Off to a great start I head to the convention hall to set up my vendor booth.  The usual shipping confusion ensues and after about 5 hours of debacle I realize that I am actually hungry enough for lunch.  The sandwich stop in the nearby shops caught my eye and I wander over.  Which Wich  www.whichwich.com was inviting with a menu wall offering quite a few options. 

I love a good interactive experience.  Here you select the brown paper bag from the appropriate category; mine was in the vegetarian group.  On the bag you check off the options you prefer and head to the cashier.  I chose the small (7 inch) Elvis (peanut butter, bananas and honey) on wheat.  

Your sandwich is served wrapped and in the bag you created. The bread was long like a hoagie and standard wheat, nothing fancy.  Creamy peanut butter was spread on both sides then large biased cut banana pieces filled the center with a drizzle of honey.   The flavors were spot on – high quality super creamy peanut butter, ripe but not mushy bananas and a light, not too sticky honey.  I would suggest if ordering this sandwich to ask for the honey first against the bread, then the peanut butter.  For most people I know part of the charm of a peanut butter and honey sandwich is when the honey soaks into the bread and starts to crystallize.  I missed that a little.  The selection and customizable options are fantastic and worth another visit.  Apparently they have really good milkshakes as well.  Maybe an option for next time.  Fingers sticky with honey I debate heading back to the conference hall to check on my shipments.

Until we eat again,



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1 Response to Elvis Has Left the Building, Phoenix part 2

  1. Dave Cunix says:

    I can’t decide which pleases me more, that you have fully embraced the adventure of eating or that you have chosen to share this journey with such style.

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